A Worry-Free Pregnancy

Pregn-anxiety: a state of worry during pregnancy, exacerbated by hormones, your OB gravely forbidding eggs-over-easy and other such delicacies, and the horror stories of birth culminated with “get the epidural!”

It sets in as soon as the two lines appear, and its nickname is “What-If?”

What if something I do/don’t do/eat/breathe…

The Birth of Raphael James

All photo credits to my amazing doula, Rita. If there’s one piece of advice I could give to attaining a natural childbirth it’s this: hire a doula! They are worth their weight in gold.

“It’s like you were pregnant one day, and the next day your baby was here!”
Exactly. Honestly…

Detoxifying Your Home

Everything in my house is trying to kill me. At least that’s how I felt after I opened the can of worms of researching household toxins. We, as 21st century westerners, generally believe we are safe and protected by rules and regulations put in place by the government and…

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