Hi! I’m Jasmine. My goal at Manna Mama is to help families use what’s given, naturally. I believe we have grown out of touch with where our resources come from, and are out of balance because of it. In a world that revolves around convenience and speed, cost and surplus, I believe we are trampling over the perfect manna laid before us to stockpile our pantries with empty calories, smear our skin with harsh chemicals, and fill our homes with disposable excess.

Simply put, I’m in pursuit of “enough.” Enough isn’t just a quantity; it’s a quality. It’s using what’s already been provided, rather than always pursuing more, newer, better, faster, and leaving the manna in the dust.

(for the record, this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m a mathematician by schooling, an engineer by trade, and an artist at heart. I don’t even eat bread. Yet here I am, using words instead of numbers to define the term “enough.”)

Do you know the story of manna?

God’s people were wandering in the desert after he had delivered them from Egypt. They were grumbling against him saying, “I wish we would have just died in Egypt. At least there we had food!” He saw their need and met it. In the middle of the desert, he rained down on them with exactly what they needed.

Each morning, little flakes of bread appeared like dew. They called it manna. The people gathered and ate each day and were satisfied. “When they measured it out, everyone had just enough…Each family had just what it needed.” – Exodus 16:18

There was enough, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t long before the people began grumbling again, longing for their past in Egypt, where they remembered having meat and other fine delicacies. They forgot that they had once been slaves, but now were free. They forgot that they had once been hungry, but now were fed. Though they had enough, they began to pursue more, blind to the great risk to themselves. 

Do you see that this is us, 21st century westerners? Though we have access to bountiful fresh fruit all year long, we choose preservative-laden sweets in plastic wrappers. Though we can get oils from all over the world to soothe our skin, we slather on sweet-smelling chemicals instead. We are given the vast beauty of Creation, yet we fix our eyes on 6-inch screens. We are tricked into believing that babies need every colorful and feature-rich toy to keep them content and make them smart. When our bodies start to fail us, we take a pill that makes us feel better.

It doesn’t have to be this way! We can choose to receive more by pursuing less.

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